We are currently NOT accepting new enrolments.

We can see you as a private (non enroled patient).

Please contact reception for more details or email [email protected] to book a private patient appointment.

myIndici Patient Portal Registration

Enrolled Patient Fees

Nurse Charges

Nurse Consult 15 mins - $35
Blood Pressure Check - $10

Phone or Email Consultation

Phone or email consultations are charged at $23 for 5 minute increments.
Or these can be booked as a standard consultation.

Portal & Referral Fees

Currently it is free to enrol with the myIndici portal. See enrolment section or reception, for forms.
Portal charges-to receive or send portal messages to the nurse or doctor , please be aware there will be a charge. Charges for the doctor are $23 for 5 minute increments.

Filling in Short Form/Short Referral - $15
Filling in Long Form/Long Referral - $30
Filling in extensive forms up to $200

Other Charges

ACC Surcharge (15 mins) - $45

FREE (if eligible)
Sexual Health/Contraception under 25
LARC insertion
Ferinject iron infusions
Mental Health 2 visits per year
Palliative care


Standard (2 working days) - $18
Urgent - $30

*Prescriptions are only charged when a medication or other prescription item is requested independently from a consultation. Prescriptions are emailed to a pharmacy of your choice.

Consultations with doctors

Standard 15 minutes in clinic or video consultation for enroled ADULTs 18yrs or over $69
Standard 15 minutes in clinic or video consultation for enroled 14-17 yrs old -$46.50
Standard 15 minute in clinic or video consultation for enroled Under 14yrs old-FREE
(Consults over 15 minutes for under 14 yr olds are $46.50/15min)

Phone or email consultations (per 5 minutes) for enroled patients $23

PLEASE NOTE consultations are charged as 'time spent with the doctor 'not just the time booked.

Healthspace offers a range of appointment types for enrolled patients and although the standard duration of a consultation is 15 mins, we are a time flexible practice. This means patients can book a 30, 45 or 60 minute consultation. The cost for longer appointments is charged out as a multiple of the 15 min charge: a 45 minute appointment will cost $207.

We encourage you to book for an appropriate amount of time so we can ensure all clients are seen as close to their time of booking as possible, however, we offer the ability at your provider’s discretion, for you to extend your appointment during your consultation if required.

Extended time will be charged in 5 min increments and added to the booked consultation time. Out of courtesy to other clients the maximum unscheduled extension time is 15 minutes.

Community Services Card

Unfortunately Healthspace does not participate in the Pinnacle Midlands Health community services card scheme so we cannot offer CSC holders cheaper appointments.

Private Consultations with our Doctors

Healthspace offers in-depth consultations allowing time for a thorough assessment and evaluation of the health problems and concerns each patient has.

Both doctors are skilled functional medicine doctors and are passionate about whole body medicine.

An in-depth appointment initially requires at least 60 minutes to be booked, but may take longer. There is also a free initial nurse 15 minute appointment.

Follow up appointments can be from 30 - 60 minutes. 

Please contact the practice for more information or to book your appointment click here.

Private Patient Fees- please contact reception if you have any queries about fees.


New Patients are booked for 60 minutes.

Non enroled patient charges are
15 mins - $96
30 mins - $192
45 mins - $288
60 mins - $384
Consultations can be face to face, video, phone and email.

Follow Up Appointments

30 mins - $192
45 mins - $288
60 min -$384

Other Charges

Admin Fee $10-$20
Repeat standard Prescriptions - $18
Portal or email fees as 5 minute increments of $32